Mrs. Bobbins!

These are characters for a quilting cartoon called "Mrs. Bobbins." The cartoon is for the Kansas City Star's quilting section's online blog, pickledish.com.

This is Mrs. Bobbins. She is really into quilting.

These are Mrs. Bobbins' friends, Alice, Edith, and Geraldine. They are also really into quilting.

These are Mrs. Bobbins' overweight cats, Patches and Fluffy. They are really into sleeping on quilting projects.

This is Mr. Bobbins. He's not really into quilting.


Class said...

wonderful. Overweight cats are silly-billies

Anita said...

I really like those fat cats!

sameermahoolkar said...


all fantastic characters,congratulations !!!
especially the old lady.
its really interesting to carve something(colors)in photoshop,so these lines are also done in photoshop?