Racing Animals

800-meter-dash Results:
1st Place: Buck
2nd Place: Marta
3rd Place: Julia

Today was bath day for Marta, so I took her to my grandparents' farm so she would get extra dirty first. But when we got to the house, a giant >6-point whitetail stag was standing in the way! Marta has never encountered a deer before, and she crept up to it and gave it the stink eye, which made the big guy start running...which made Marta's chase instincts kick in...which triggered my dog-mother instincts because I didn't want my doggie to end up lost or worse, impaled on those points if the deer should decide to turn around.

The three of us ran at absolute full speed for a half mile (I came in last place, probably because I only have two legs). The deer was able to jump the stone wall and escape, which was good timing because my lungs were about to explode from breathing all that cold air. Marta was a bit disappointed that I made her stop looking for him, but escorted me back to the house anyway. That cold air made me cough so bad, Grandma threatened to give me her pear-whiskey remedy, which I've avoided ever since childhood.

The good news is, Marta got some pumpkin pie (and pumpkin is her all-time favorite food).

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