Art by Julia, age 2-6

"Two Suns, Three Birds, Nest, and Igloo"
Crayon. 1988.
"Perfect Happy Family of 3
in Window and Younger Brother"
Permanent Marker. 1990.

"Separation of Earth and Sky and
Two Large Deciduous Trees"
Oil Pastel. 1991.
"Inverted Sunflowers"
Mixed media. 1991.

"Hen with Sun on Head"
Mixed media. 1991.

"3 Swans with Severed Swan Head"
Alternate title: "Reflection"
Crayon. 1992.

Washable marker. 1992.

1 comment:

Jori said...

I was going to note the lack of thodwochs presented here, but the severed swan head and enormous trees more than made up for it.